Private Lessons & Online Sessions

Online sessions

There are many ways to get together to learn, share and evolve. This is one of them and it is very powerful. 🙂

This may be for you if…

You would like to meditate or breathe in a different way.

To design a new series according to the moment you are living.

If you need to solve any particular issue or go over something we have already worked on.

To reconnect with your search, ask for advice or understand what you are feeling.

If you want to incorporate a new habit, something that makes you feel good and nurtures your energy.

To learn how to connect with your own body and yourself in your daily life.

For all these and more, I invite you to get together, so I can guide you and be with you wherever you are!

Do you think this is for you?

Write to me and we will design a personalized session 🙂

I'll tell you more...


Has there ever been a time when talking to someone helped “open up” your mind? Sometimes a good question allows us to shift something within us, shows us a different possibility, or helps us see where we weren’t looking…

After many years of supporting people in learning and self-discovery processes, I decided to train in Coaching because I could experience how powerful this tool is. And above all, because I’m passionate about seeing how far we can go if we allow ourselves to walk together. That’s what I want to offer you: companionship, complicity, and a space for personal work that’s caring, loving, and empowering.

Wellness Coaching sessions are an invitation to commit to yourself and your quality of life, each and every day. I will be delighted to accompany you on this journey!

So… shall we start? 🙂